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Has anyone wondered why the boot screen in Windows Vista is just a black window with a useless progress bar? I was booting my laptop at work today and I noticed that it has no logo or anything. This blog post made me think about it a little more. What happened to the Windows logo from all the previous versions of Windows? Was Microsoft too ashamed of Vista to give it a logo? Maybe they felt it would be embarrassing for users to be seen booting Vista in public, so they decided to go make it as minimal as possible?

Where\'s the Windows logo?

While on this topic, what is with the useless progress bar? It doesn’t calculate anything relative to the system’s progress. The nearest it comes is anecdotal stories such as “My system is so fast when my it has a fresh load of Windows on it. The progress bar only goes by 2 times before it completes its boot!” I have had that conversation many times. It’s not a real benchmark and doesn’t really mean much. Why can’t Windows follow suit like any other OS and show some kind of relevant progress? Most Linux distributions allow you to see what drivers and stuff are loading. Even things with a GUI boot loader let you hit the “Details” button or link and see exactly what is going on.

So, why? What happened Microsoft?

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