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I have decided to build and sell a small quantity of 5.1 audio switches to those who are looking to purchase them. I have had enough requests to make it worth my while, so I will be selling them for about $10 each plus the cost of shipping.

I will be selling 5 units that are being built by the end of October, 2008. If you would like to purchase one, please contact me. I can only accept cashiers check or money orders, as this is a personal project and I have no means of processing credit cards. Also, I am sorry, but Paypal is not an option. The units being built will not be on a PCB, but wired directly to the switch and put into a standard project box from radio shack. It will be as small as possible while still holding the 9 stereo jacks required.

I will post photos of the switch on in this blog post as soon as the first unit is completed.

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