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Version 7 of Firefox has arrived, and like the last 3 versions, it has annoyed me. I finally opened and edited my Whitehart theme file and modified it so it is “compatible” with any version of FF up to 10.0. After getting 7.0 installed on my system I noticed that it wasn’t showing the full URL when visiting a website. Not cool Firefox. I want to be able to see the full URL, including the protocol. That is the way it always has been, that is the way it should always be! Anyway, I did some investigation in about:config and figured out that I needed to flip the following option from true to false:


Cool. Now I can see that it says http:// in front of the websites I am looking at. Now, what the hell Firefox. You are making it nearly impossible to read the path besides the hostname and domain. You are making this difficult. Ok, let’s flip the following option from true to false:


Sweet! Now my URL bar is normal again! Thank the maker!

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