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A picture of me My name is Joey. I like computers and technology. I live in California and I used to drive an awesome car, sometimes rather quickly, when it was safe to do so :).

I made this website so I could have a shorter email address. I got tired of typing out my entire domain for the software I write on the site. HazteK Software is cool and all, but it’s a pain in the ass typing me @ using an on-screen keyboard and a D-Pad. Oh, did I mention I like video games? My latest addiction is my xbox 360, since there haven’t been any good releases lately for the PC.

There is a school of thought which basically says that I am awesome. I do cool things and boring things, but overall, I am awesome. If you want to contact me, you can use the email address I mentioned earlier, but change the word “me” to my actual name, which is Joey. Some people might consider me a jerk. I won’t deny that. I fully endorse the fact that I am a jerk.

Did you know that a joey is what crazy Australians call baby kangaroos? I guess it’s actually the scientific name, so more than just crazy Australians call them that, but isn’t it fun to mention the crazy Australians? They call themselves Aussies and they come from Aus or Oz (depending on how you want to spell it). Now that I actually checked Wikipedia, a joey is actually the name for any infant marsupial, not just Kangaroos. That means that koalas and wombats and opossums are also joeys when they are born! Friggin’ sweet!

RX-8 DrawingAnd did I mention that I like technology? I’m a big fan of programming but I also like to build and fiddle with PCs. I also take things apart when I buy them, usually voiding my warranty in the first 24 hours. I have built cool things, like a 5.1switch, which lets me use the same 5.1 speaker system with a single input on two different computers. It is pretty cool, I am impressed with myself that I was able to do it, although I had help from co-workers designing the board originally. If you think that might be helpful for you, go ahead and contact me. See how in the paragraph up a little ways.

Have you ever wanted to use optical audio output and HDMI output on an Xbox 360 but didn’t want to give Microsoft $50 more to get their HDMI+Optical cable combo? Well, the easiest way to do it is to just buy a cheap HDMI cable and shave the plastic/rubberish housing from one end. If it is thin enough, it will slide right into the HDMI port without much resistance, and it works perfectly! Saved me $50 and my sound system sounds almost as awesome as I am.

I like web comics, such as Ctrl Alt Delete and Questionable Content. I also like to buy random crap on Woot. Sometimes I watch movies and listen to music, but not at the same time. Well sometimes at the same time, if there is music integrated into the movie. Music has a key role in movies, it helps set mood and keep the action going from scene to scene. I prefer DVDs and MPEG4 to the actual movie theater, as it’s cheaper and doesn’t require getting stuck to the floor as often.

Zumwalt MeadowI like to travel. I have not been all over the world, but one day I hope to be able to say I have been to most English speaking countries. So far I have been the United States of America, England and Iceland. On the way to England I flew over Canada and Greenland, so I have kinda been there. In the US, I have been to numerous states. One day I am going to take a few weeks off and try to drive to as many National Parks on the same trip.  The picture for this paragraph was taken in Zumwalt Meadow, which is towards the end of the road in Kings Canyon Natl. Park. Anyway, it’s a really nice hike, about 3 miles along the river, or you can just drive to the road and walk for 5 minutes or so if you are the lazy type.

Well that about does it for about me and stuff. I will probably add more things to this later, but that is all for now. Thanks for coming, and enjoy the show.

RX-8 in the snow