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I was reading a blog post on a programming site about how to confuse coders that take over projects. One of the things they mentioned was to use hard to understand variable names. I decided to see how complicated I could make a simple program become by using stupid variable names. I decided I also wanted to cram it all into one file instead of separating it out into separate files for different classes. Here is my entire application:

using System;
using System.Windows.Forms;
namespace ___ {
static class _ { [STAThread] static void Main() { ____ _ = new ____(); } }
public class ____ { public ____() { __ _ = new __(); _._ = "(o_o)";
MessageBox.Show(_._); } }
public class __ { private string ___; public string _ {
get { return ___; } set { ___ = value; } } } }

This code will compile in stripped down WinForms application. Attached to this post is a zip file containing the entire source to the application. All that the application does is pop up a message box containing the string (o_o), then exits. Download the file ‘’ now!

You could, in theory, take this to the extreme, making your own classes for things like strings and functions like MessageBox to have nothing but underscores as object types and variable names, although those functions would contain the real C# function names. Anybody ever take this sort of stuff to the extreme?

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Have a long URL that you want to shorten? Head on over to and have at it. Take any long URL and make it short and easy to remember. It’s great for when you need to write a long website address by hand or memorize it to share verbally with someone else.

If you like it, let me know. I am going to slowly improve the service to incorporate new features and make it easier for everyone to use. If you like the service, please consider donating some money, so I can remove the advertisements from the site.

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So, as you probably know if you have read my About Me page, I like the comic called Ctrl+Alt+Del, or CAD for short. Well, since I am going on a trip in a few months, I decided I wanted to put a bunch of comics on my Zune for reading on the plane ride. I figured it would be fairly easy, since the Zune supports picture galleries and I can just add them. (more…)

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Monitor setup:

  • 37″ Westinghouse @1920×1080
  • 22″ KDS & 1680×1050, Total resolution 1920×2130


  • ECS KN3 SLI2
  • 4GB G.Skill DDR2 800
  • AMD X2 6000+ @ 3.08GHz
  • eVGA GeForce 8800GT 512mb
  • 1x160GB Hitachi SATA2
  • 3x500GB Hitachi SATA2
  • 1x320GB Seagate SATA2
  • Turtle Beach Montego DDL
  • Samsung DVD±RW SATA
  • 5lbs of dust
  • Windows XP Pro SP3 + Ubuntu 8.04 via Wubi

I pulled my 7900GS card, since it was getting too hot and I didn’t use the 3rd monitor all that much. I now use my 3rd monitor when I am repairing other systems or if I want to connect a monitor to my laptop.

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Note: This is an old post that was retroactively added to the new wordpress site

5.1 switch schematic

5.1 switch schematic

This is a switch that I designed (with the help of a co-worker) that allows me to input 5.1 analog audio from two different sources (two computers) and send to the same set of speakers. Both sources cannot be used simultaneously, due to noise/feedback from one source to the other. It is a simple dumb switch. I originally was going to sell a complete switch, but didn’t find a big enough market, so it got put on the back burner. I list here all the components necessary to build your own switch from scratch. (more…)