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Note: This is an old post that was retroactively added to the new wordpress site

So I was driving through Arizona on highway 60, traveling north towards Salome. I was in my relatively new RX-8, cruising along at about 80, when this patch of freshly laid asphalt came up. It was slightly curved and the smoothest part of the road I had been on the whole trip. Well, I kinda wound up the car a little bit, maybe hitting 95ish when I noticed there was traffic ahead of me, well just a gray maintenance type truck. I slowed down to about 80, figuring I would pass him when the next broken center divider line came up. Well, as I came up to the truck, and I could see the line breaking on the upcoming straight away, I stepped on the gas a little to pass him (safely of course, there was no oncoming traffic, and he was the only other vehicle I had seen on that road for 10 minutes). (more…)