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Today I started up my web-browser, and noticed that my StumbleUpon icon disappeared. In its place was a strange orange icon that didn’t make any sense. I couldn’t tell what it was, so the first thing I thought was that I somehow installed some malware that attached itself to my browser. Then I realized StumbleUpon was gone. Since I remove pretty much all of the features from StumbleUpon, except the button and the thumbs up and down icons, it wasn’t obvious at first that StumbleUpon changed their icon. I braved and clicked the icon anyway, and just got a random page, so I guess it was still StumbleUpon.

My next reaction was that they got bought out by someone and decided to change the image. After a little searching, I found the blog post that mentioned that people “like” their new look. I am in disagreement, hence this blog post. So I took it upon myself to find the XPI file in my Firefox plugins directory and fix it. Attached to this blog post is a copy of said XPI, with the fixed icons. Here is how it looks in my Firefox 8.0 with the Whitehart theme (also altered to work with versions of Firefox greater than 3.6):

And the actual file can be downloaded by clicking here.

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Version 7 of Firefox has arrived, and like the last 3 versions, it has annoyed me. I finally opened and edited my Whitehart theme file and modified it so it is “compatible” with any version of FF up to 10.0. After getting 7.0 installed on my system I noticed that it wasn’t showing the full URL when visiting a website. Not cool Firefox. I want to be able to see the full URL, including the protocol. That is the way it always has been, that is the way it should always be! Anyway, I did some investigation in about:config and figured out that I needed to flip the following option from true to false:


Cool. Now I can see that it says http:// in front of the websites I am looking at. Now, what the hell Firefox. You are making it nearly impossible to read the path besides the hostname and domain. You are making this difficult. Ok, let’s flip the following option from true to false:


Sweet! Now my URL bar is normal again! Thank the maker!