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I was having problems with a new hard drive I purchased recently. I had an old 300GB Maxtor drive connected to my system using a standard SATA cable that came with my motherboard. It worked fine for a while, then I started to have problems with it. I ran various tests, and determined that the hard drive was dying. Then, one day it would not work at all. I had to put it in the fridge for about half an hour, then hot-plug it into my system to access. I am lucky that SATA is hot-pluggable. If I booted with the drive plugged in, the system would hang at the BIOS. Once I got it in, I was able to use SyncBack to copy all my data off. The drive seemed to fail when it got warm, so it took a few attempts. Luckily, SyncBack was smart enough to continue copying where it left off, instead of re-writing all the files. Let me tell you, SyncBackSE (the pay version) is well worth the $30 it costs. I highly recommend it. I was able to make a complete backup of my drive and send in the bad one for repair. Since Seagate bought out Maxtor, I didn’t receive my drive back, but a 320GB Seagate drive. That was kinda cool, a free 20GB of space, just for having my drive fail. (more…)